You can check a rate without booking, simply enter the information and click "Select Vehicle"


For each reservation there are two steps to complete:
Step A - Booking Information on this page

Step B - Payment Authorization form sent via email after booking

If your browser is having trouble viewing our booking portal you can go directly to our portal by clicking this link:


All reservations and communications are sent by email.

Tips and Help Information
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Airport Service - To or From Halifax Stanfield International Airport

Local Service - All local point to point transfers in/to/from HRM 

Long Distance - Point to point trips over 75 km

Hourly As Directed - For events and service needed over a time duration- please indicate itinerary in the comments section

First type only the airline code ie: “AC” for Air Canada.  "Air Canada" will then populate in the drop down menu, you then select it from the menu.  In the next field that appears enter the flight number.

At times due to the flight not being found when it is verified, the booking will not allow you to proceed.  Make sure this is the flight landing in Halifax. Also new airlines may not be listed yet.
If you still have a problem, simply check and then enter your flight information in the comments section.

Type “Halifax” or "YHZ" the drop down menu will populate “YHZ - Halifax International Airport”, select it from the menu.

Do not try to enter the airport's address, it is already in our system. You just need to type "Halifax" or "YHZ" and select it from the drop down menu.

Arriving at the airport: TO AVOID SCHEDULING ERRORS PLEASE ENTER ONLY THE FLIGHT ARRIVAL DATE/TIME THAT IS ON YOUR FLIGHT ITINERARY FOR AIRPORT PICKUPS - We know you need time to get your luggage and get off the plane.  But your flight arrival time will inevitably change and our system will change your pickup time to the arrival of the flight. People often put down the wrong date/time when arriving around midnight - Please just enter in the arrival date/time that is on your flight itinerary.

We monitor your flight and automatically adjust your pickup time if you are delayed or early. You do not need to add extra time after you land. We have a standard wait times that apply so you have enough time to get your luggage.  

  • Domestic Flights: Up to 30 Minutes.
  • US Flights: Up to 45 Minutes
  • International Flights: Up to 45 Minutes.

If you want a specific pickup time that is not your flight arrival time - indicate this in the comments.  Standard wait time charges will apply. For further information you can read our Terms & Conditions

Going to the Airport:  Travel time is roughly 30 minutes from most areas of Halifax.  You should plan to be at the airport 60 minutes before domestic flights and 90-120 minutes before international flights.

The first name you enter in our booking system is the booking contact. If the passenger name is different than the person booking the service; simply change the name on the final details step.  Please note it is important that we have the passenger's cell number so they receive important updates and the driver can contact them.

Simply type the civic number and then the street, the drop down menu begins to populate the possibilities.  When you see the correct address, select it from the drop down menu.  If you just paste an address in the field without selecting it from the drop down menu, it will not properly geocode the location to produce a correct rate. Always allow the drop down menu to populate an address and select the address with a postal code.

Our online booking works!

Please refresh your browser and use an updated modern browser like Firefox.

STEP A: Enter the trip information and click:

Select the vehicle you want and then click:

Enter your name and contact information.  This is the booking person's information.  If the passenger name is different you can enter it on the next screen. Click either


Finish booking with payment information then click:

After booking: You will receive a confirmation number from STEP A; use this number.
To complete your authorization form which will be emailed to you. 

Common Problems:

  • Entering information wrong or missing information - field will highlight in red.  Also please read other help tabs below on entering information in certain fields.
  • Timing Out - If you take too long to enter a booking; you may have to reload the page and start again.
    This happens because our website forces your browser to maintain a secure HTTPS connection and if you fail to maintain the connection in a timely manner the website disconnects.  This is a security precaution to protect the transmission of your personal information.
    Refreshing the page and starting over will fix the problem.

Please read all the tabs in this help information to familiarize yourself with the process.

Please use a cell number for the PASSENGER.  Our system automatically sends a text message to the passenger cell number giving them updates on who their driver is, what they are driving, when they arrive and airport arrival instructions.  But this only works with a cellular number.

VEHICLE CLASS:  Sedan rate = 1-4 Passengers, up to 3 large luggage   (1 large suitcase is equal to two small carry-ons)

SUV rate = 1-7 Passengers, 4+ luggage.

For more details on luggage please view: How Much Luggage Fits in a Limo

For pickups at the airport's Fixed Base Operators use either "Point to Point" for long distance transports or "Hourly" service for local transports.

Enter the name of the FBO in either the pickup or drop off field, it will populate and will complete their address for you.

Also please enter the tail number of the aircraft in the comments section, or email us this information later when you have it by replying to the reservation confirmation that you receive.

Sedans seat 1-4 passengers

SUV's seat 1-7 passengers

If no vehicle shows up in "Vehicle Selection":  You entered too many passengers or luggage.  If you have 8 or more people, you have to enter a passenger count for the vehicle you want. 
If you have a large group, 
you can add in the comments that you want 2 or more vehicles for the same booking and we will create those reservations for you.


We accept most major credit cards and Visa or MC debit cards.
Please enter a full billing address.
Cards are not charged until the day before or the day of service.
You will receive a receipt via email automatically when the trip is completed.

We need your authorization to charge your card and process your reservation. You are sent a link to this form via email immediately after booking.  CLICK THIS LINK

You can create an account when you enter your reservation. You simply have to register when booking by clicking the "Log In" button at the top right, or during the booking when it asks you to login/register or continue as a guest.  

Accounts gives you access to a dashboard where you can view your trips, print receipts and it also makes rebooking easier.  It saves your address and card information so you don't have to enter the info when you book again.

When you login as a guest or into your account - the name you use is the billing contact person.  If you are booking for a passenger with a different name, make sure you enter that name and their information in the passenger section.

An Account can be either a Billing Contact only, Passenger only, Booking Contact only, or a Billing Contact and Passenger.

  • Billing Contact - This is the person that would receive an invoice for a Passenger(s) that received the service. Billing Contacts can have multiple Booking Contacts or Passengers.
  • Passenger - This is the account type of the person that will ride in the car. A Passenger can be linked with only one Billing Contact.
  • Booking Contact - This is the account type for a person that arranges trips for Passenger(s). A Booking Contact can be link with only one Billing Contact.

Once you login with a password we can help you setup your account any way you want it.  By default the accounts are setup as both the Billing Contact and Passenger.

Prices shown are in Canadian (CAD) currency.

Terms & Conditions of Service

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