Phone Calls Are Old School and Problematic

(Last Updated On: May 9, 2022)

This is the day and age when massive amounts of information are exchanged, transactions, reservations, online shopping, and endless number of tasks are done at the end of your fingertips on your phone or computer keyboard.

Approximately 50 percent of all calls placed are robo-called cold-calls from companies both legit and non-legit. Now only the elderly and their grandkids actually answer phones in person. No true decision maker is gullible enough to answer a cold-call. Calling isn’t just dead; it’s buried and rotted to the bones.

80% of work/ service problems are due to communication. It requires two people to share time and exchange information accurately. The two people on the phone both have to get the details right in that tiny window of time.

It’s not that talking on the phone needs to be retired completely, but people need to realize talking on the phone is not this wonderfully efficient means of communication, especially when it comes to business.

In fact, there are many, MANY times when talking on the phone is incredibly inefficient.

Just think of all the variables that could inhibit a clean phone call…

  • Conflicting schedules
  • Different time zones
  • Bad cell service
  • Lousy acoustics (like hands free devices, because we’re drivers and we are driving)

And those are just a few of the interruptions and obstacles that are encountered with surprising frequency.

Yet everyday busy professionals find themselves subjected to the same antiquated request:

Hey, let’s just call them.

Why? What’s so wonderful about the phone call? What makes it so pervasive and popular?

I’m guessing here, but it probably has to do with the fact a phone call is the most familiar form of communication in modern business.

The problem though is this:

Just because something is the most familiar doesn’t mean it’s the most efficient.

The point is, people need to start accepting the inefficiencies that are inherently tied to arranging and executing a phone call because they’re real, and they’re really slowing down the speed of business. Simply mishearing the other party can have a grave impact on service delivery in our line of business.

Stores, businesses and services have moved online. It’s more accurate, it’s concise and it allows both the customer and the service provider to process the information at a time that is convenient for them, often going through necessary checks and balances that are required so that service is delivered properly.

How do you book your airline tickets?

How do you book your hotel room? 

If you are still calling them, let us give you some advice, you can save a lot of money by using online booking services rather than calling the front desk where they are quoting you the full non-discount price.

Our professional limousine service is no different.

Our clients’ are busy and so are we.  Your time is valuable and so is our driver’s time.  We cannot afford to waste our time going to no-show pickups that are made by a simple phone call like a taxi service.  We are not a taxi service.  We are a professional pre-arranged car service. As the adage goes, time is money; small businesses desperately need to conserve both. 

When you make a reservation with Premier Car Service, we are guaranteeing that we will be at your door or at the airport to meet you, even if you are the only person scheduled for that time. In order to serve our clients, due to demand and a tight schedule, we may have turned down other service opportunities or delegated work to other drivers in order to have a free car and driver available for you. Due to the nature of pre-arranged car service, when a cancellation occurs on short notice – we incur losses. A driver/vehicle’s time is valuable and needs to be scheduled accurately in order for us to manage our client’s requests effectively. If a booked passenger does not show up or cancels at the last minute, we have still invested a driver and vehicle for them and incur costs and time in doing so. 

This is why we utilize a formal reservation system for all of our service calls. We leave nothing to chance and ensure quality service is delivered.

Our company is unique because our online booking system offers:

  • Instant rate quotes
  • Detailed reservation confirmations
  • Procedures and airport pickup instructions
  • When you book our cars you choose the luggage capacity and seating capacity that you require.
  • You choose what type of child seat you might require.
    Your payment information is sent encrypted and secure – the driver does not see your credit card details.
  • Service calls are formally dispatched to our drivers though dispatch software.
  • Our transactions are handled by management and outside of the car. The only thing left for you to do is enjoy our luxury car service.

Furthemore, our booking system is an integral part of our dispatch and driver management system. Our drivers receive wake-up calls to ensure your service is delivered.

If you require dependable, reliable professional car service, then we are the Premier Car Service company in Halifax that has consistently delivered this high quality service.

It all starts with you entering in your information though our online booking system.  It is a very simple process with a guide on the webpage to answer any questions or problems you may have.  

If you just want to call and order a taxi – there are plenty of other companies out there that you can call and take your chances with. 

Our client reviews found on online platforms such as Trip Advisor, Google orYelp

“Very easy to book online, received an instant confirmation. Airline changed our flight and I emailed Premier with changes and got a confirmation right away. Arrived in Halifax, picked up our luggage, gave our name to Ground Transportation, walked out and our driver was right there. Very courteous, sharply dressed, vehicle was extremely clean. Driver was friendly and delivered us straight to the hotel, unloaded luggage, all with a smile. Would not hesitate to book with them again.”

“When you need to get to the airport from downtown Halifax you have two options. Call a taxi and hope it shows and expect surcharges for a big group or Utilize a Car service and put your worries to rest. The online site was easy to navigate and the e-mail replies were instantaneous! Within an hour of scheduled arrival received text msg with vehicle description and driver’s name. In a province without Uber, very Uber like! The Car was clean and comfortable with the driver smartly dressed and helping to load our multiple bags and equipment. He arrived early and delivered us early curbside outside our airline kiosk. Right after delivery curb-side my receipt was in my e-mail. I was cautious when I saw only 9 reviews and they were all excellent, now I know why. Most folks only complain they don’t take the time to acknowledge professional, efficient and economical service. Highly recommend, I will use every visit to Halifax. If you are arriving by air and you give them your flight number they track your flight to be sure they are there to pick you up no matter the delay”

“Extremely professional, prompt and courteous service. Email billing is very slick.

We particularly liked the advance notice when the car is arriving, especially early in the morning.

The vehicles are spacious and clean. It is nice when you book a limo to get a beautiful limo!”

“Easy to book, on time, great service. Would definitely use them again.”

“Great customer service, comfy cars and professional drivers. Plus, the website is very informative and allows one to do all steps of the booking online.”

“Great customer service. We very easily booked online. Late at night for a last minute trip.  I received a text when we landed where to go and Check in. We didn’t have to wait or driver showed up. The car was warm, and we had a great conversation. Looking forward to our Ride home.”

“Premier Car Service is always 5 minutes early and very reliable. Their online system is easy to book. They are very friendly and professional. Most of all, I appreciate their flexibility when my flights are cancelled/delayed and immediate answers to my emails. I once had a flight delayed and arrived in Halifax at 2am (instead of 10pm). Sure enough, there was a car waiting for me at arrivals at no extra cost.”

“We had pre- booked a car for our arrival.  In spite of a snow storm and a delayed arrival, our ride was there waiting for us.  The driver was friendly, courteous and very competant given the rathe treacherous roads.”

“Super efficient, reliable, and easy to book. Vehicles in excellent condition and very reliable drivers. Have used them twice in bad weather and felt safe both times.”

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