“Halifax Airport Taxi”

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Halifax Airport Taxi Limo Transportation
Halifax Airport Taxi Limo Transportation

“Halifax Airport Taxi”

When googling “Halifax Airport Taxi”  to take you to Halifax Stanfield Airport, you may have noticed that there are an abundance of sites and companies called “Halifax Airport Taxi.”

It can get quite confusing, we know.  Often people are calling us about a booking they had with “Halifax Airport Taxi” and they click on our listing looking for the company they were dealing with.  They are having a hard time locating the driver or company they arranged with. 

One reason why this happens is because there are a lot of independent drivers and companies competing to be listed in the google search for the keywords “Halifax Airport Taxi.”   They create companies and website titles with these words and there is nothing that discerns one website from the next website. In fact many of the websites are from the same companies who are trying to monopolize on website clicks by having numerous websites.
Another reason why we receive calls from passengers searching for the company they booked with is because that company does not have a clear and transparent booking system.  The client called a phone number, spoke to someone who answered the phone that said “Halifax Airport Taxi” and wrote down their booking details and said they would show up to pick them up.  

There are some serious problems with this.  Who are you dealing with?  If you lost something in the car, or worse you have a serious complaint about a driver…  Who is that driver working for?  Who does the website belong to?  What legal company are they using?  Is it even a legally registered company?  Those are some important questions that matter.

When you choose a company you should always google the company name or website. Check out their reviews on Yelp and elsewhere. If the reviews are all place around the same time, they are fake reviews. If you click on who left the review on google, see what other reviews were left by that profile, often the same profile is reviewing the same taxi websites because they are fake created by the owners.

While we also use the same key words for advertisement, we operate proudly under our company name.  All communications, reservations, receipts that we provide are detailed and clearly indicate our company name and contact information.  When we send you a driver, that driver has been thoroughly vetted and we have on file their current licenses and insurance.  When it comes to our clients, Premier Car Service takes their responsibilities seriously.

For more information on why you should choose Premier over the rest of our competition, please read this article.

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