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SUV to the Airport: The Benefits of Hiring an SUV to the Airport

(Last Updated On: May 15, 2019)

Are you traveling to Halifax Airport with a 4 or more people, or with an extra amount of luggage? Consider hiring an SUV airport limo as it is spacious and can accommodate extra people and luggage.  This vehicle also features enough leg space to provide you comfort and thick wheels to ensure safety on the road. If you want to travel in style, this can be a suitable option as it’s look can make a few heads turn.

Larger Seating Area

When you’re travelling with more than four people, you need to look for a vehicle with a larger seating area. Vans are not as suitable because they lack the cargo capacity to hold everyone’s suitcase. SUV limos fit this criterion perfectly as it can accommodate five to six, even seven passengers with ease. The seats of an SUV are bigger than other limo types so you can sit comfortably and enjoy the ride.

Chevy Suburban Interior

Larger Cargo Space

If you’re planning to travel around the countryside, then a car with a larger cargo will be a necessity to fit your luggage. An SUV limo has the capacity to load your backpacks, suitcases and kid’s strollers in case you’re travelling with children. You don’t need to cramp the seats with your baggage as there is enough space in the trunk which is why hring an SUV limo is perfect for vacations.

More Leg Room

This vehicle features enough leg space and the cabin is very roomy. You can stretch your legs with ease while travelling to your destination.

Flexible Seats

An SUV limo features flexible seats that can be folded if need be. For instance, if you need more cargo space to fit extra baggage, the rear seats can fold down to increase the cargo area.

Increased Safety

An SUV airport limo has essential safety features like airbags, anti-lock brakes, intelligent beam headlights that can change between high and low beams automatically. SUV’s have anti-collison warnings and traction control. In addition, this car also features thick wheels that prevent unnecessary slipping or squealing when turning or braking.

Better Comfort

As already mentioned, an SUV limo consists of larger leather upholstered seats and provides enough leg and cargo space to make travel comfortabe. Furthermore, the thick wheels of an SUV limo don’t let you feel the potholes on the road when you’re travelling. That said, SUV’s are extremely smooth and ensure a wonderful drive.

Suitable for Harsh Weathers

An SUV airport limo can withstand harsh weather conditions like heavy rain. This is because the car weighs more than the average vehicle which helps prevent hydroplaning and thus has a better grip on the road. Its thick wheels provide stability and prevent slipping on rainy days. Once you book this limo service you won’t be delayed due to bad weather unless it is dangerous, and the weather forecast warns to stay indoors.

Professional Chauffeur

A well-trained professional chauffeur will pick you up from the airport or other given pick-up point, drive you around based on your itinerary and drop you at your destination. Hourly / As Directed service is perfect for corporate travel and busy schedules. No need to worry about parking, or being late, the driver will take care of everything that you need.

You will enjoy all the above-listed benefits when you hire an SUV limo for your next travel plans. From airports to attending special events; this car is suitable for any occasion and will surely provide you comfort throughout the way while ensuring your safety. You can pre-book this limo service at any time. When you pre-arrange your car service, we will send you a detailed reservation confirmation, and on the day of service you will be updated by text message on your driver’s name and mobile number and when they arrive on site.

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