Pre-Arrange Your Airport Transfer

(Last Updated On: May 15, 2019)

Why You Should Pre-arrange Your Airport Transfers

As a traveler, you understand that the road to a stress-free vacation or business travel starts with how you are going to get to your destination. Booking your flight is your first step, but you will also need a transportation service to transfer you to or from the airport. Settle for nothing less than perfection while you travel. Here are a few reasons you should pre-arrange your next airport transfers with Premier Car Service.

You can avoid hassle and stress.

Getting to the airport can be quite a hassle.  Many people rely on a friend or family to drive them or you can pay for premium parking and still have to walk your luggage into the airport, or there is the park and fly option, using a bus from the parking area to the airport.  When you book a car to the airport you can relax.  There is no dragging your luggage from parking to the arrivals area.  Its just a nice ride in a comfortable car and then step out into the airport arrivals area.  Let our drivers load and unload our luggage. You can just get in and go. No waiting around, no hassle – just a stress-free transfer to your destination.

Will there be a taxi or limo at the airport?  

We have driven through the airport many times to pick up our clients when there is a line up of people standing outside waiting for the first available car to come through the taxi queue.  Weather, numerous flights landing at the same time, holidays, can all contribute to the taxi queue completely emptying leaving passengers stranded at the airport and having to wait for returning taxis.  Check out this video:

So, instead of worrying and hoping that a taxi will be waiting outside the airport for you, choose a reliable and luxurious option by booking with Premier Car Service. We never leave our clients stranded no matter how delayed their flight is, our car will be waiting for you.

You will save time.

Whether you are expecting a taxi, bus or friend to pick you up from the airport – you are already starting your trip off on the wrong foot, because you are waiting around. By booking a chauffeured service, you can find your driver, get in the car and begin your transfer from the airport to your destination. Vacation and business travel is all about spending your time wisely, not wasting it. Do not wait around for a ride when you can book an immediate transfer and start relaxing as soon as possible.

With a Premier Car Service, you can immediately get in the car and go.

You will save money.

Airport parking can be expensive.  Using a shuttle option is anything but convenient and you are on their schedule, not yours.  We travel on your schedule 24/7 no matter what time you need us.

You will receive professional service.

Whether you are traveling to a new country or you are just taking a long weekend in the big city across the nation, you deserve a service that is as professional and respectful as possible. 

Arranging your on time arrival for a flight or an important business meeting is a given; Premier will also make sure your trip is as relaxing as possible.  Providing the perfect balance of attentiveness and respect for your privacy, Premier is able to handle your business transportation needs.

Booking with us is easy and convenient.

We have the most advanced booking system in Halifax.  Whether  you are at home or on the go, our website is available 24/7 to take your booking information.  You will receive detailed reservation confirmation in your email with all the information you sent providing you with instruction and the information you need.  Each booking is followed up with reminder emails the day before your trip.  Passengers will receive automatic updates when your driver is on the way, our clients receive an update via text message informing them who their driver is, the vehicle they are driving and a mobile number to reach them.  And as soon as they arrive you will be notified.

This is the day and age where service is at your fingertips, and our clients regularly praise our booking system. 

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